Finding a coach – how do you choose?

Relationships are important to you and you are considering hiring a coach, but how do you know who to hire? Here are some suggestions to find your perfect coach:

Your current relationship status

The first thing you need to do is simple – you just need to the one that fits your current situation.

Choose “Are You Single? if:

  • you are not in a relationship
  • you are currently dating
  • you are not currently dating but want to start

Choose “Are You in a Relationship?” if:

  • you are married (or equivalant)
  • you are engaged
  • you are in an exclusive “dating relationship” but have not made any formal commitments

Once you’ve made the first choice, you still have a number of coaches to choose from – so how do you narrow it down? Here’s what we suggest:

Achievement from the Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI)

All of the coaches found on this directory are members of the Relationship Coaching Institute.

As the first and largest Relationship Coaching training organization in the world, RCI recognition and certification communicates our coaches credibility as a relationship coaching professional. We recognize four levels of achievement as a coach for singles, and as a coach for couples.

  • Singles/Couples Coach in Training: The coach has not completed their specialty training with RCI yet.
  • Singles/Couples Graduate: The coach has completed their specialty training and has worked with some practice clients.
  • Singles/Couples Certified: The coach has completed their specialty training, and has acheived a minimum level of coaching hours with clients and demonstrated competency in the specialty.
  • Singles/Couples Master Certified: This coach has completed their coach training, and rigourous practice requriements and have demonstrated a mastery in their specialty.

What makes you, you?

Everyone is unique so it’s important to find a coach that is best suited for your needs. Review the coaches profiles, articles and reviews. We recommend you choose at least 3 to contact and request an interview, then hire the one that you connect with.

Start Your Search Below: