Yasmin Abouelhassan | Singles Coach

Singles/Couples Relationship Coach


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


I love helping singles who are discouraged to pursue the love they crave by settling for being single out of fear or desperation, take the step by step actions that will create the successful and fulfilling love relationship that they deserve. AND evolve into the radiating, loving, giving essence of who they are.

I love helping couples understand themselves and their partners, build healthy and effective bridges of open and heartfelt communication fostering respect, love and intimacy and leading to a fulfilling loving partnership.

Twenty years ago, I got divorced when I foresaw that my marriage was built on fable foundations and that I trapped myself into this choice due to lack of relationship awareness and clarity. I discovered that what I learnt about relationships and the criteria of partner choice were all dependent on an unhealthy mixture of parents’ experiences and pains in addition to societal conditioning and limiting beliefs.

My search for the truth led me to Relationship Coaching my chosen way for helping singles and couples get clarity on what they want in their relationships and how to get it, tailoring the science into my customers’ unique needs and wants while helping them create their plans of actions that suite their characters and situations.

Finding my passion in relationship coaching; since 2007, I gave up my secure, lucrative job, and left the corporate world. My goal was to bring relationship awareness and skills into my life and the lives of others, working with people I loved, making a difference in their lives.

I moved to Canada after discovering that what I want in my life and my relationship is not in my home country.

I learnt to create the love life that I crave whether single or couple, not settling for less than what I want and strongly saying NO to un-matching dates. I am living on purpose, pursuing my life, career as well as ideal relationship, learning, amending and sharing a true life story and a true adventure with all my clients.

I hold the same vision for my beloved clients to get internal clarity and harmony in order to achieve the LOVE LIFE of their dreams in a step by step, proven formula that took me from the verge of misery and feeling of loss to an on-going successful and loving life.



One on one face to face or phone call Private Coaching sessions.


Online Coaching through Skype, Facebook messenger, Viber, Whatsapp..