Dr. Udall Siraj | Certified Coach for Couples



Washington, District of Columbia, United States


Since my time as a teenager, I have always been interested in how we relate to each other across cultures and ethnicities. My life has continued along that path as I am the owner of All About Relationships Consulting Company where I have focused on diversity and multicultural communication in personal and professional relationships for over 25 years. Although I am based in based in Washington, DC, we serve an international clientele.

I am a former Adjunct Professor of Managing Diversity for the Human Resource Management Master’s Program at American University and for Cultural Diversity at the University of Phoenix . Currently, I am a mentor and coach for new Relationship coaches as they journey through the Singles and Couples certification programs and an Adjunct Professor for Wellness Coaches at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

I am a Certified Relationship Coach for Singles and Couples, Somatic Coach, Integral Coach, and practitioner of several energy modalities: cell release therapy, soul journeys and My Envisioned Mind wellness process.

I hold a M.A.in Human Development and a M.A. in Education and Human Development with an interdisciplinary concentration in multicultural issues, adult education and organization development, I received my B.A. double major in Sociology and Rhetoric & Communications Studies.

I love that I am living my passion – a multidimensional being in a multicultural world helping others in their personal and professional relationships.

Coaching With Me


You are a multidimensional being who has the capacity to love and be loved. I want to support you in healing and moving through your journey to connecting with your divine love complement. During our journey together you will build both consciousness and skills in being in relationship with yourself and a romantic other. The following are a few skills you may obtain:

  • Release baggage and limiting beliefs
  • The Stages of Love
  • Learn the Ten Principles of Conscious Dating
  • Consciously design the life of your dreams
  • Know every detail of what you want in a mate
  • Understand the difference between being in love and being in commitment.
  • Change your limiting thinking, feelings, and attitudes toward finding and keeping love
  • Understand how your past relationships affect who you choose
  • Create your relationships and attraction plan
  • Using the Law of Attraction to Attract Your Ideal Partner
  • Principles of Attraction
  • The Rule of Three for Conscious Dating
  • Flirting 101 for Singles
  • Power Introductions Questions to Ask on a Date
  • 14 Dating Traps
  • Four Essential Skills: Scouting, Sorting, Screening and Testing Strategies
  • 10 New Laws of Love
  • The Five Freedoms and The Four Agreements
  • Attraction Venues
  • Top 10 Relationship Attitudes

How I Like to Coach

I love holding the space for others to transform. My general coaching approach is based on the philosophy that lasting change only occurs when your entire being is involved in the change process. Thus, as we move through your transformation as your coach I ensure that the coaching process:

  • starts with where you are
  • holistically encompasses your spirit, mind, and body
  • integrates into your present life
  • assists you in reaching your desired outcomes
  • brings new practices into your life
  • builds your competence to observe and adjust your actions and performance
  • sets you on a path of continuous self-development



I work one-on-one with clients through packages of 3-months, 6 months or 1 year. Packages are provided in-person or virtually.


Group coaching programs are offered for divorced or widowed singles

Love Again: Finding Your Divine Love Partner
Attracting the Love of My Life

Group coaching for interethnic pre-marital couples

Love Outside the Lines

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Ph.D. Student, Organization Development & Change
  • M.A. Human Development
  • M.A. Human Development & Education (multicultural issues)
  • B.A. (Double major) Rhetoric & Communication Studies, Sociology
  • Professional Integral Coach
  • Training Specialist
  • Somatic Coach
  • Relationship Coach for Couples
  • Relationship Coach for Singles

In my 25 years as a corporate relationship consultant and my 12 years as a Relationship Coach, I have experienced the best and the worst in organizations which fueled my desire to be an external consultant to organizations. I was in an interethnic marriage for 13 years and have two adult sons. My marriage ended in divorce involving an extramarital affair. My marriage experience fueled my desire to work specifically with singles looking for love again and interethnic pre-marital couples. My life is my work as I continue to learn, grow and serve as a catalyst for change. I use all of my experiences and education to facilitate transformation in others.