Dr. Udall Siraj | Certified Couples Coach



Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Couples Coaching Focus

Helping interethnic (interracial) couples prepare for a successful life together.

Two important life relationships are left to chance–romance (marriage) and children. You fly-by-the-seat of your pants in dating and love and are confused when you end up wondering how the relationship(s) turned to crap.

Are you in as interethnic premarital relationship?

Even though you want to believe that love conquers all, statistics indicate the odds are stacked against you since over 50% of U.S. marriages fail. If you are an interethnic (interracial) couple the rate of potential divorce increases. Even though marriages fail for various reasons, interethnic couples may face underlying cultural assumptions and expectations that they are unaware of combined with the usual issues that may befall a marriage.

With the odds stacked against you and love not conquering all —what can you do to beat the odds? You can cut the crap and prepare for after the wedding before tying the knot.

As a couple you will benefit by being proactive in preparing for your life together by building your marriage skills:

  • Create the marriage you desire
  • Determine possibilities for your future
  • Develop your own system for communicating about issues
  • Work your unique financial plan
  • Build a strong foundation and connection
  • Learn how to test assumptions
  • Learn how to resolve conflict

How we can work together

  • Private Coaching: I work one-on-one with clients through packages of 3-months, 6 months or 1 year. Packages are provided in-person or virtually.
  • Group coaching for interethnic pre-marital couples – Love Outside the Lines

About the Coach

Since my time as a teenager, I have always been interested in how we relate to each other across cultures and ethnicities. My life has continued along that path as I am the owner of All About Relationships Consulting Company where I have focused on diversity and multicultural communication in personal and professional relationships for over 25 years. Although I am based in based in Washington, DC, we serve an international clientele.

I am a former Adjunct Professor of Managing Diversity for the Human Resource Management Master’s Program at American University and for Cultural Diversity at the University of Phoenix. Currently, I am a mentor and coach for new Relationship coaches as they journey through the Singles and Couples certification programs and an Adjunct Professor for Wellness Coaches at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

I am a Certified Relationship Coach for Singles and Couples, Somatic Coach, Integral Coach, and practitioner of several energy modalities: cell release therapy, soul journeys and My Envisioned Mind wellness process.

I hold a Ph.D. in Organization Development & Change, a M.A. in Human Development and a M.A. in Education and Human Development with an interdisciplinary concentration in multicultural issues, adult education and organization development, I received my B.A. double major in Sociology and Rhetoric & Communications Studies.

I love that I am living my passion – a multidimensional being in a multicultural world helping others in their personal and professional relationships.

In my 25 years as a corporate relationship consultant and my many years as a Relationship Coach, I have experienced the best and the worst in organizations which fueled my desire to be an external consultant to organizations. I was in an interethnic marriage for 13 years and have two adult sons. My marriage ended in divorce involving an extramarital affair. My marriage experience fueled my desire to work specifically with singles looking for love again and interethnic pre-marital couples. My life is my work as I continue to learn, grow and serve as a catalyst for change. I use all of my experiences and education to facilitate transformation in others.


  • Ph.D. Organization Development & Change
  • M.A. Human Development
  • M.A. Human Development & Education (multicultural issues)
  • B.A. (Double major) Rhetoric & Communication Studies, Sociology
  • Professional Integral Coach
  • Training Specialist
  • Somatic Coach
  • Certified Relationship Coach for Couples (CRCC)
  • Certified Relationship Coach for Singles (CRCS)