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Do you find the dating process daunting and frustrating? It doesn’t have to be! It’s time for the journey to be fun and easy. I help sensitive, introverted women over 40 find the partner that makes their heart sing and create the love and connection they desire.

Are you a sensitive, introverted woman over 40 longing for deep and lasting love and connection?

You are still single despite the fact that…

  • … you have accomplished a lot in your life already and you are satisfied in a lot of areas.
  • … you are self-aware, driven and have a lot to offer.
  • … you have a rich inner world and due to your sensitivity you often experience life in a profound and powerful way.
  • … you are doing and giving a lot, and you wish that you could sometimes just relax and be the one who is taken care of. It would be wonderful and such a relief to share the responsibilities and struggles that adult life brings, whether it’s parenting, household chores or caring for ageing family members.

Are worries and doubts are holding you back?

  • Are you wondering: Is it too late to find true love and be accepted for who I am? If I haven’t found my man yet, is he even out there?
  • Are you anxious about building a new life after previous relationship failures. Will those painful experiences not just repeat themselves?
  • When you have strong attraction with certain men, are you confused what that means… Is it love? And what about the things that are missing – will strong feelings make up for them? Do overthinking and analysing leave you drained?
  • Are you struggling to use online dating in an effective, meaningful way. It is hard for you to express your true self online and to assess if the other person is genuine. Who can you trust?
  • Are you quite comfortable in the life you have built for yourself? Given your doubts that your perfect match even exists, is it worth making the time and effort for dating? Going out and meeting new people is an even bigger challenge for you as an introvert who likes her space and quiet.

I am a highly sensitive, introverted woman myself, but with the help of coaching I managed to find a way out of extreme confusion and frustration in the area of love. Once I had learned to embrace my temperament and my needs, I was able to date with confidence and ease, and I met the man who is my perfect match and now my husband.

I am committed to helping sensitive, introverted women find the partner that makes their heart sing and create the love and connection they desire. If this is your journey, let’s connect!

How we can work together

Would you like to get to know me before committing to a longer coaching process?

Good idea! Meet me on zoom or in person for a complimentary “Find your Perfect Match” session. In our conversation you get clarity on your ideal life and relationship, you become aware of what has been blocking you from getting there, and you come away hopeful and inspired because you realise you hold the key to relationship success! At the end of this session you decide if you would like me by your side on your journey to your big goal – creating your own love story.

Coaching option 1) Private coaching:

In 16 sessions over 4 months we will first make sure that you are Mrs Right – the woman you need to be in order to attract the man and relationship you really want. You then learn tools and strategies for dating so that it becomes a joyful and effective experience that leads to finding your perfect match.

Coaching option 2) Online programme + laser coaching:

This is for those who appreciate flexibility and self-study. Over 6 months you can do the RCI-developed online programme “Journey to Conscious Dating®️”, accompanied by an unlimited number of 15-minute laser coaching sessions with me. The programme contains all the steps I take my private coaching clients through, but it offers you the benefit of total control of time and place. Any questions? A 15-minute session with me helps you out.

Thousands of singles have found their ONE thanks to the Conscious Dating®️ program, and so can you. All you need to do is make the decision to join them – and me – in relationship happiness. Book your complimentary session with me today! I’m looking forward to meeting you.

About the Coach

After yearning for love, connection and a happy family all my life, I was devastated when my marriage fell apart despite the fact that our son was only four years old. In my late thirties I found myself back in the dating world, but I kept attracting unavailable men and I finally admitted to myself: I don’t want to see years go by until maybe, eventually, I get it right – I want to enjoy life NOW, with a supportive, loving partner by my side.

So I took a leap of faith and hired coaches. We spent a few months exploring my dreams, needs and blocks, changing and challenging myself. I learned dating and relationship tools and skills which I then applied on dates with newly-found confidence and positivity. After 8 months of coaching I met the man who is now my husband, best friend and biggest supporter.

This experience was so powerful that it inspired me to become a Dating and Relationship Coach myself!

My focus lies on understanding and helping sensitive, introverted women over fourty who want to take charge of their love life, learn to date consciously and create their dream relationship. Finding your perfect match is possible for everyone. It’s a choice!

Certifications and Degrees

  • RCI Relationship Coach for Singles graduate
  • I have completed a course in positive psychology
  • EFT (tapping) practicioner

3 reviews for “Sibylle Ansley | Singles Coach

  1. Positively surprised

    I was positively surprised how deeply the topics covered the journey of self-work before even touching the area of dating and romantic relationships. Sibylle explains in a very calm and comprehensible way and asks the right questions to reflect more on the topics. Being in a small group helped a lot as it gave me new input.

    ~ E.K. on the Conscious Dating Readiness online course

  2. I realized the benefit of having a coach

    In our conversation I realised that I’ve created a comfort zone and that my life would be even more in balance if I had a partner who shares my values and who I’m physically attracted to. I want to have more clarity on how to get there… Our conversation has made me realise that having a coach would be very beneficial – Sibylle is the walking testimony to that.

    ~ Małgosia about the Find your Perfect Match complimentary session

  3. Exceeded my expectations!

    Private coaching with Sibylle has exceeded my expectations. My biggest and most valuable insight so far has been that you have to be a happy single first in order to be able to look for a partner. Having a list of requirements helps me find a partner who is aligned with me, and I keep my boundaries better – I learnt to say no or end a relationship which is not good for me.

    ~ Birgit

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