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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

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Finding love over 40, Online dating concierge, matchmaking

I specialize in helping singles find lasting love. At the same time that you are seeking the love of your life, they are seeking you! In a few short weeks, I will help you transform your fears and frustrations about dating to clarity and confidence using strategies proven effective for singles just like you!

My “Find Love after 40” is a great program for you if:

  • You’re new to the dating scene – If you’re recently divorced or widowed, then dating can be challenging. Sheryl will help provide a smooth re-entry by helping you get up to speed about today’s dating trends, avoid common dating traps and develop critical dating skills.
  • You’ve had a lot of “first dates” – If you are suffering from the “one-and-done” syndrome, dating can be overwhelmingly frustrating. Sheryl will help you explore whatever factors are getting in your way of finding a sustainable relationship. Then, she will help you craft a plan to get you headed in a direction that gets you the results you seek.
  • You’re unsure of dating etiquette – The rules have changed—or have they? Sheryl will help you answer the “who-does-what-and-when” questions! Yes, there are recommended “rules of engagement.
  • You’ve been in and out of numerous relationships – Sheryl will carefully evaluate your relationship history and make sense of relationship instability. She will help you discover who you are and what you want, and then establish clear relationship criteria, goals and vision.
  • You have a history of picking the wrong or unavailable partners – Sheryl will teach you how to quickly assess relationship readiness—yours and that of dating candidates. She will give you sound information that helps you know when to move forward with a potential partner, when to disengage, and when to stop before you even start.
  • You’re currently pursuing on-line dating without success – Online dating is a great tool to expand your dating reach. But, what you put out there will make all the difference in who you attract, and who you don’t. Sheryl is an online dating expert and will help you every step of the way. Sheryl will teach you the skills needed to effectively screen matches, recognize red flags and avoid dead-ends and disappointment.

How we can work together

  • Private Coaching: My Find Love After 40 program consists of six or twelve one hour sessions to be done in person, over video or even over phone. This forward moving program includes self-discovery and readiness work along with my guidance in online dating. Once you know clearly who you are and who you’re looking for, finding them is so much easier!
  • Group Coaching: I offer an 8 week group coaching program on online dating.

About the Coach

I am passionate about helping singles find loving relationships. I am a certified relationship coach, certified matchmaker, certified DiSC behavioral consultant and an online dating pro. Using these skills, I reduce and often eliminate the anxiety and guesswork related to the dating process. I help both men and women better understand themselves and then each other, which is a great start toward de-mystifying romance and making dreams come true.

My approach is unique. I provide sound, personalized guidance before your search begins, while it’s going on and after you’ve partnered up. I alert you to common relationship traps and derailments, help you identify and change patterns that don’t serve you, and ward off trouble that can lead to confusion, disappointment and sometimes, heartbreak.

I can help you navigate online dating successfully or even conduct a personal search for your life partner. I credit my numerous successful outcomes-including marriage-to unwavering dedication to getting you “ready to be found.” That could mean redefining your ideal mate, overcoming preconceptions, learning lessons from past relationships, and more.

When you are serious about finding your life partner, contact me to talk about programs and services best suited to you. Happiness awaits!

  • Certified Relationship Coach for Singles
  • Certified Matchmaker
  • Certified DISC Behavioral Consultant


3 reviews for “Sheryl Spangler | Master Singles Coach

  1. Enrolling in Sheryl's “Find Love After 40” program was the best thing I could have done.

    I’m new to the area and needed help meeting dating partners. Connecting with Sheryl and enrolling in her “Find Love After 40” program was the best thing I could have done. I had been dating all the wrong kind of men and could not figure out why the pattern continued. Through the process I learned so much about me and what I want and need in a relationship. I am now in a significant relationship and couldn’t be happier.

  2. Sheryl literally changed my life

    I so feel to this day that this was one of the best investments I have made in my life and wish I would have participated in such a helpful program many years ago as it literally changed my life. From now on I am focused on what I want, need and require in a relationship and will not settle for an alternative which just leads to another relationship failure as it always has in the past. I have gained so much confidence and knowledge from working with Sheryl.

  3. Down to earth and great at her profession

    Sheryl is great at her profession. She is spot on and down to earth. When working with Sheryl she covers all the details that is missing in your life. If you have any questions at all, she with find and resolve any issues. It’s the space between the lines that she completes.
    Thank you Sheryl, Paula