Sharilee Swaity | Couples Coach Graduate

Author and Coach


Traverse Bay, Manitoba, Canada

Couples Coaching Focus

Couples who have been through heartbreak and are looking for a new start.


What would you like your marriage to look like? Do you dream of smooth communication, a strong connection, and romantic moments together? Do you know things could be much better but you don’t know how to get there?

Have you and your partner been through some complicated stuff, whether together or before you got together? Do you find all that complication gets in your way?

As your marriage coach, I can help you tap into a renewed vision for your relationship and will help you find your “happily ever after again.” I can help you with tools and strategies for communicating and connecting better.

I am calm and caring with great empathy and will do my best to make you feel comfortable and safe. Everything is confidential and you will be given the space to do the work you need to reach your relationship goals.

I am a certified coach from the Certified Coaching Federation and Light University. I am currently in training at the Relationship Coaching Institute.

Besides relationships, I can also help with life coaching, especially in the area of decluttering, writing a book and weight loss.

My husband and I have been married for fourteen years and were both previously married. I am a Christian and offer faith-based coaching for those who would like it.

How we can work together

I offer coaching through Zoom or Facetime. I am available locally in the Manitoba area.

About the Coach

Sharilee Swaity is a certified coach through the Certified Coaching Federation (CCF) and Light University. She is currently training to obtain her relationship coaching certification at Relationship Coaching Institute.

Sharilee has written three books on the subject of relationships, including Happily Ever After Again: Hope, Healing & Love for Second Marriages.

Sharilee and her husband Vern live in the forest in Manitoba, Canada, with two cats and a Great Pyrenees dog named Snowball. They are both in their second marriage.

Before becoming a coach and author, Sharilee worked in the classroom for many years, teaching levels from grade two up to adult education. She is currently developing an online course for couples.

Sharilee is a Christian believer.

Certifications and degrees:

  • Bachelor of Education, University of Calgary
  • Coaching Certificate, Certified Coaching Federation
  • Coaching Certificate, Light University

2 reviews for “Sharilee Swaity | Couples Coach Graduate

  1. Sharilee has a godly, gentle spirit

    Sharilee Swaity is a wonderful Relationship Coach. She and I may be separated by borders (she lives in Canada and I live in the USA), but I felt an immediate close connection with her.

    She made me feel instantly welcome and at ease in our coaching session with her godly, gentle spirit. The resources she supplied, such as questions you can ask your spouse at the supper table or anywhere and the book she has written, were extremely helpful to me.

    She is a great, patient listener and shares from her own experiences of a divorce and her second marriage, which was troubled but now healed by God’s grace and mercy. Sharilee is very encouraging, wise, and practical. I highly recommend her Relationship coaching.

    — Beth

  2. Sharilee has been a huge help to me in improving my second marriage.

    Sharilee has been a huge help to me in improving my second marriage. Her calm and her acceptance make me feel safe to share and her knowledge of the inner workings of relationships, particularly second marriages, have been incredibly helpful.

    She has had some insights that never occurred to me and has made it doable to accomplish my goals. I now believe and can see that I can have the marriage I wanted from the outset. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

    — Shelby