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Conscious Dating Relationship Coach

Singles Coaching Focus

Helping women navigate the challenges of dating to find your soulmate.

I help women who are frustrated with dating to get crystal clear on what they want out of their dream relationship and to gain the confidence they need to attract it!

  • Frustrated with dating?
  • Sick and tired of going on first dates that don’t lead to second dates?
  • Feeling hopeless about dating to find your soulmate?
  • Feeling jaded about online dating?
  • Are you attracting men who only want to hookup?
  • Tired of spending Valentine’s Day alone year after year?

How we can work together

I offer private one on one coaching sessions along with a proven step by step conscious dating program that will transform your love life in just 12 sessions! I am flexible regarding your schedule and time zone and will meet with you by phone, zoom, video or in person.

I also offer group coaching if you want to bring a friend and offer a discounted referral program as well.

About the Coach

Palesa Jones is a relationship coach who is passionate about helping single women date with confidence so that they can live their dream life with the man of their dreams. She specializes in helping single women identify their dating patterns that are sabotaging their happiness and keeping them from attracting true love.

After her divorce, Palesa had a series of dead-end relationships that lasted over a decade. She realized that she was stuck in a cycle that kept her from finding the love of her life.  In searching for answers, she joined singles groups and discovered she wasn’t alone. She started participating in these groups and eventually went on to lead singles groups. She realized that she had a passion for helping singles, and decided to become a relationship coach.

Palesa trained at the Relationship Coaching Institution and graduated as a Relationship Coach for Singles.  Her training provided her with not only the training and skills to be a professional coach, but also gave her the tools and strategies needed to effectively help singles reach their goals.

She currently resides in North New Jersey with her two lovely children. In her spare time, she enjoys time with friends, cooking, hiking activities, visiting restaurants, movies, and  having deep conversations with her closest confidants.  As an adventurer she enjoys traveling to visit with family in Texas, the UK, South Africa, and her country of origin, Lesotho.

Her mission of becoming a relationship coach is dedicated to her beloved children and grandmother who passed at the age of 90 in 2020. As a lover of learning, Palesa spends most of her time immersed in books, audios, and videos. She is a content writer for her YouTube channels and social media platforms.

Certifications and Training

  • Singles Coach graduate from Relationship Coaching Institute

3 reviews for “Palesa Jones | Singles Coach

  1. Catherine Casey Kitter- mckay

    I have had a very challenging 18 months, from strangled by my past abusive boyfriend, to dealing with myself, my feelings, and my journey to heal (as well as legal proceedings. As I was working on this, Palesa Mary jones reached out to me from a codependency group. A total stranger, states away, she cared, she listened, she’s the real deal! We have since become good friends, she’s always there to listen to my crazy thoughts, helps me when I’m feeling insecure. she has always been there for me, and I am very thankful for that. I am so glad that she has reached out to me, and I’ve come so far in the past 18 months, I’m in such a better place now, and even though it wasn’t easy, ut was definitely very hard alone so her help was priceless for me. I am forever grateful for her kindness to a total stranger, I think god sent her my way and anyone that crosses paths with her is blessed. All my love my friend Palesa.

  2. Yolanda

    I received coaching sessions from Palesa Mary Jones in the spring of 2021 and I am pleased to say that I have discovered many things about myself and I’ve made some major improvements in my life. Palesa brought many things to my awareness by convcersdationm raising certain questions and giving me assignments to complete. We worked mainly on establishing boundaries with others so that I won’t feel taken advantage of and have low self esteem, as that was an area that I was very weak in. We discussed things from my childhood and how those things affect my reluctance to set healthy boundaries with any of my relationships. Those relationships include my mother, siblings, co-workers as well as my romantic partners. As a result of my coaching, I am now aware and prepared to set healthy boundaries waitpeople that I. encounter. I enjoyed my coaching sessions and I encouragee anyone who could use some guidance to sign up for some sessions with Palesa so that she cans et you on a path to build healthy relationships.

  3. Melissa Marie Lowndes

    I had the joy of working with Palesa during a time when I was really disappointed with other coaches. She proved to me that there are still coaches out there that not only care about the mental health but also the heart of the client. Palesa gave me honest, wise, and kind direction and helped to guide me into a wonderful relationship after being single for a long time. Palesa is amazing, sweet, and has a kind heart, I highly recommend working with her as soon as you can if you need help to see things clearly, disrupt negative patterns, change your behavior, get a different result, give yourself a better chance of finding happiness and your soulmate by getting private coaching with Palesa.