Lori Ralko | Singles Coach in Training

Therapist; Life Design/Travel Coach


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Hi, I’m Lori Ralko, a therapist and life design coach who specializes in working with people who want to have more travel in their lives. Whether you’re interested in starting or growing a business to become a location-independent digital nomad, or planning a sabbatical or extended vacation, working with a coach can help you to (1) gain clarity around goals; (2) design achievable action steps; and (3) ensure accountability and follow through.

Coaching With Me


I assume you’re interested in coaching because you want more from life. Maybe you’ve taken steps to set and achieve goals on your own with little or mixed success. Or maybe you’ve had great success and believe that having a coach can only yield even better results.

While being single can leave one feeling lonely and eager to find a partner, it also presents unique opportunities for *living* that can actually be more challenging for people who are in a relationship. As a single person, you don’t have to contend with unaligned values or competing desires. You can design the life you want on your own terms.

At the moment, I am particularly interested in working with singles who want to add more travel to their lives. For some, that may mean becoming location-independent (i.e. digital nomads or RVers). For others, it may mean simply finding more time for meaningful travel (i.e. solo vacations, sabbaticals). I am also interested in working with “solo-preneurs” who are building a business. And I’m currently working on a solo retreat program for women who looking to grow their businesses. If any of these ideas excite you, please let me know!


My coaching is influenced by design-thinking and I hope you’ll be open to testing out ideas and taking a modular approach to creating the life you want – adding lifestyle bits and pieces you can benefit from immediately that can also pull you towards reaching a bigger goal. I’m a big believer in “failing forward” or “failing fast and often” since the important successes rarely come without some doses of failure along the way. If you haven’t failed in a while, you might not be moving forward enough!

As your coach, I see my role primarily as holding a process for you. Ideally, you have some sense of what you’d like to achieve. Together, we would work on clarity, priorities, and designing actions. Regularly scheduled sessions will keep you accountable. The work will be done by you… but I will do my best to make sure you do it!

In our first session together, we will examine goals and take an inventory of strengths and challenges that you bring to the situation. We might also do some brainstorming or strategizing.

In future sessions, I begin by asking what you’d like to focus on in the session. Then, we dive right in! I will try to keep us on topic and will keep an ear out for potential “action items” that you can work on between this and the next session. By the end of the session, we will make sure these action items are specific, measurable, and the right level of difficulty. We will also assign rough or exact deadlines and I will check in about your progress at the beginning of our next session.

Finally, I like to make sure we have a chance to explore fears and beliefs that may hold you back in your efforts. My background as a psychotherapist has made me especially attuned to this aspect of the work, and – if you’re open to – we can explore some of these challenges in our sessions as well.



All sessions are priced individually and no commitment is required. Cost for an initial 1.5 hour session is $250.00 USD. Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes in duration and cost $155.00 USD. Please inquire if interested in pricing for solo retreats.


Coaching is available by telephone or WhatsApp. Costs are $250.00 USD for a 1.5 hour brainstorming or strategy session and $155.00 USD thereafter for 45 minute sessions. Please inquire if interested in pricing for solo retreats.


I don’t offer courses at the moment; however, please inquire if you are interested in a business-building solo retreat that would include learning and individual coaching components. I am currently developing a program for growing your business through digital marketing, including social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Professional Life Coach, Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Master of Arts (M.A.), Psychoanalysis
  • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

My background as a psychotherapist has made me realize how important it is for people to feel “known”. There’s a reason children come home from school and tell their parents all about their day, proudly showing off their drawings and paintings. And a reason they share their fears and pain with their parents, allowing themselves to be comforted and reassured. People need to see themselves reflected back to them through other people. While the tendency may be more evident in children, even we adults benefit from having someone in our corner, validating our successes and listening to our worries and concerns.

In addition to being a therapist and coach, my biggest passion in life is travelling. It’s really hard to describe the joy it brings me. If travelling is also a passion of yours, or if you think it’s something you’d like to explore more, I would be thrilled to be a part of that journey with you.