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MBA, PCC, CRCS, Matchmaker, Coach Trainer


Denver, Colorado, United States

Singles Coaching Focus

It’s time to create a life that you love and/or find the love of your life! When you know who you are, what you want, where you are going, and how to get it, your confidence and your light shine so much that people notice.

Transform your fears and frustrations with dating and relationships into confidence and success!

You’ve probably worked very hard to achieve professional success. You’ve spent countless hours and effort in studying your chosen profession, getting certifications, continuing education hours and being a part of associations that keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in your field. You go to conferences and tradeshows to stay on the cutting edge. It’s no wonder you’re successful in your career! But what about your personal life?

We aren’t taught about dating and relationships in school and, what we do know, we learned from our parents (many who were dysfunctional in their own relationships), and the ‘school of hard knocks.’ How would your personal and intimate relationships look if you invested some time and effort into learning more about it? Could you be as successful if not more successful than your career? What if learning more about relationships and what it looks like to be a great partner only enhanced all other areas of your life? After all, we have relationships in all areas of our lives.

You are not alone. Dating and relationships, especially in today’s modern online environment, can be scary, frustrating, and very much like an emotional roller coaster ride. Let’s turn that fear, frustration, and anxiety into confidence, empowerment, and success!

How we can work together

Personal Coaching – Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going in life? What are your Requirements, Needs, and Wants in a relationship? Is your ‘picker’ broken? Do you pick the wrong partners? How can you efficiently sort through potential matches so that you don’t waste time with someone who wasn’t a match for you in the first place? Personal, one-on-one coaching provides you with the custom experience. As your personal coach, I work with you to help you uncover the answers that work for you in your own life and rise above confusing ‘do’s and don’ts’ that may not be working for you.

Matchmaking – Through managing your personal online profiles on your behalf to find matches for you or matchmaking through a 3rd party Matchmaking company called, Three Day Rule, finding suitable matches can return an incredible amount of time and back to you and burden off your shoulders. As your Matchmaker, I can provide you with great potential suitors without all of the time and emotional investment it takes to create an online profile, sort through potential matches, communicate, and screen potential matches before getting to the point of meeting for a date so that all you have to do is go on the date. You and I will work together intimately to ensure you are receiving matches you are excited to meet!

Brand New Couples Coaching – Let’s say you’ve recently coupled up with someone and want to build the foundation for an incredible relationship moving forward. After all, it’s much easier to build a great foundation on the front side of a relationship rather than trying to repair and relearn how to navigate your relationship after it has gone far off the rails. Brand New Couples Coaching is a wonderful way to continue all that you’ve already invested in to ensure an incredible outcome for you and your new partner.

Marriage Ceremonies – When you’ve gone from fearful and frustrated to happy and in love, there’s only one last step to take and that is your ‘happily ever after!’ Having performed several marriages for clients, it would be an honor to add your ‘happily ever after’ to the list of success stories!

About the coach

After a climbing the corporate ladder, getting an MBA and having a successful corporate career in Global Marketing, I was burned out and turned to coaching where I found my true calling. As an MBA who is also a Professional Certified Coach, a Certified Relationship Coach for Singles, a Matchmaker, and a Relationship Coach Trainer, I have over a decade of experience in all things related to singles and relationships.

Whether it’s a life transition, creating a life that you love, or finding the love of your life, I’ve helped hundreds of clients not only become successful in their personal lives but also build life-long skill sets to navigate life’s ups and downs as well as navigate relationships on their own. Each client has walked away with empowerment and confidence beyond what they imagined.

Certifications and degrees

  • BA – Communications – University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MBA – Lake Forest Graduate School of Management
  • CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Creative Coach – The Coaches Training Institute
  • PCC – Professional Certified Coach – International Coach Federation
  • CRCS – Certified Relationship Coach for Singles – Relationship Coaching Institute
  • CRCC- Certified Relationship Coach for Couples – Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Matchmaker – Three Day Rule
  • Coach Trainer – Professional Coaching and Singles Coaching for the Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Ordained Minister – American Marriage Ministries

My Work

3 reviews for “Laura Menze | Master Singles Coach

  1. Laura is a deep and genuine human being.

    Laura is a deep and genuine human being. As a coach, Laura’s energy, clarity, and direct approach will inspire you to your grandest self expression.

  2. Laura helped me understand myself and move past my road blocks!

    Through Laura’s individual and group coaching, I have come to better understand my values, my ability to assess actions that I need to take in my life and to know what I can’t control and deal with it better, as well as what I need to be doing in my career in order to feel fulfilled rather than ‘just surviving’. Laura has a natural ability to see an individuals self-inflicted road blocks and knows how to gently ask the right questions to help people recognize and move past them. I look forward to more sessions with Laura on my road to a new career and personal fulfillment. Thank you, Laura!

  3. Laura walks with you...

    Laura has a knack for helping you to see what is holding you back and then helping to define the next steps. She believes everyone has a right to live the life they’ve imagined for themselves and she walks with you as your take those first scary steps.