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Certified Relationship & Betrayal Trauma Coach


Moultonborough, NH, USA


Couples Coaching Focus

From tune ups to tear downs, creating healthy, mutually respectful, loving and nurturing relationships. Areas of focus betrayal recovery, family of origin (developmental trauma) relational skills, self-esteem and shame busting.

You are here, in this place today and on my website in search of something or someone that can help guide and partner with you toward significant changes in your life. Perhaps it’s raising your level of happiness or perhaps it’s ridding yourself of the continuous cycle of unwanted drama. It may be rediscovering yourself or finding yourself for the very first time.

You are so very important, to include your overall happiness, sense of self worth and value. Coaching offers a multi dimensional approach in working with a myriad of areas of improvement. Expand, stretch and grow your existing gifts that you bring to this world. Together we’ll identify the joy mongers that keep you from experiencing the happiness and success you desire and deserve. That’s right.. you deserve happiness.

I love these two questions:

What is one regret you don’t want to have in this life time?

What are actions are you willing to take to ensure you will not have this regret?

A potential regret can live in any aspect of our lives. Do we wish to have a closer relationship with our children? Parent? Spouse? Do we wish we took the leap of faith and went for a job or career that was intimidating? Do we wish we traveled more? Do we wish we were more spiritual? Do we wish we took better care of our own health, financing etc? What is your one regret that you don’t wish to have?

About the Coach

I am a certified Relationship Coach, Life Coach as well as a lover of all that life has to offer. I have been blessed to train along side some of the best therapists and coaches in the country and deeply feel the connection to relational work. I tell the truth, as I see it, with love and empathy and then provide the tools for healing and expansion. Some of us have been to counseling where there’s not much feedback, they just listened. Listening alone is not enough. You can expect feedback, listening to understand, thought provoking questions, in between session exercises and reading. Clients are coming to me because they want change in their relationships and I in turn provide them with the ability to make that happen.

In my personal life, I am a wife and mother in a blended family of three grown kids. My husband and I reside in a lakeside town in NH and enjoy lazy days of summer boating on Winnipesaukee. I also have a passion for hiking the White Mountains of NH, gardening and the ocean. You could probably say I enjoy most everything that nature has to offer.

My credentials are with The Relational Life Institute of Cambridge, MA, Relationship Coaching Institute, CA. I hold my ACC level coaching with the International Coach Federation, which is the gold standard of the coaching profession. I am also certified with “Healing Our Core Issues Institute.” This work takes our family of origin into consideration and the potential negative impact it has on our relationships today. Jan Bergstrom, LMHC is a master and my total guru for relational living. The program is called “Healing our Core Issues” and looks at the 5 core issues of self-esteem, boundaries, reality, dependence and moderation and how these needs were met (or not) as children. It looks at what relational traumas we may have experienced, possibly physical, emotional and or both. We then look into the coping skills (adaptations) that were developed as children in order to survive in the family system. Ultimately, you will learn how to develop new functioning skills and integrate them into your everyday life. Much like a new workout routine or’s a practice and requires time and commitment. This work is life-changing.

Betrayal Trauma Coach with the APSATS. The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists. I am fully certified with this highly professional and much needed system of support for partners who have been impacted by betrayal trauma. The trauma, of this extreme intimate betrayal requires specific training so as not to further traumatize partners. This model does not hold the partner as a ‘co-addict’ or ‘co-dependent’ but as someone who has been blindsided by their spouses months, years and perhaps decades of lies and deceit. Since the discovery, much becomes ‘about the addict’ and the partner is left on the sidelines feeling unheard, confused, hurt beyond measure and utterly alone. APSAT specialists are here to help be the safe, containing environment in which to heal and grow from the devastation of betrayal.

Currently, I am in intermediate stage training with Somatic Experiencing, which is a brain, nervous system and body based approach to healing trauma. Trauma impacts physical health, mental health, learning, education, and multiple aspects of an individual’s life.

I am also engaged in continuing education with CoachU, APSATS, ICF, as well as RLI. So much has changed in the last 15 years or so.. the data, studies etc are continuing to reveal new information with regards how we can positively shift our patterns for a better life. Continuing my connection with these cutting edge communities is essential in helping my clients be best they can be.

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3 reviews for “Laura Blundo | Couples Coach

  1. Laura is practical, direct, compassionate, skillful, and funny

    Practical, direct, compassionate, skillful & funny. We found that Laura is able to weave all of the above into our sessions. I (husband) was hesitant and anxious about entering into couples work, however Laura quickly was able to help normalize and reduce my anxiousness. It was hard, as I am the betrayer and have always felt so much shame. It is still hard at time, but Laura is so helpful in allowing me to see myself in a kinder way.

    SS & KS

  2. From hopeless to happy

    When we arrived in our first session with Laura, neither of us had much hope of our marriage surviving. It wasn’t easy, Laura was direct, calling attention to the parts of our relationship that needed to drastically change. She also helped us to see that most of our dysfunction was from old family patterns that no longer served us. We are happy to say, 9 months later, we are in a much better place. We now share our bedroom again, we look forward to our time together, independently of the kids. We are more responsive and less reactive.

    ~ Married in Mass.

  3. My work with Laura was incredibly enlightening!

    My work with Laura was incredibly enlightening for me. I was unaware of the level of dysfunction and abuse that I was experiencing in my relationship. She helped me find my voice, set boundaries, and ask for the changes that I needed.