Kim Morse | Master Couples Coach

Gottman Trained Educator | MRC


Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States

Why use a Relationship Coach?

There are a lot of reasons people use a relationship coach ~ here are just a few:

  • You are serious about having a successful life partnership.
  • Working with a coach can move you farther and faster than you can move on your own.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know, and your success may depend upon access to new information about yourself and relationships.
  • Using a coach can be the most effective means of translating knowledge into practice. One of the most indispensable roles of a coach is to help you use what you already know to make effective choices and take the actions necessary to be successful.
  • You deserve to get what you want. You do not want to settle for less or risk failure, and you are willing to gift yourself with the support and technology needed to ensure success.

My Coaching Focus

  • Sailing Couples
  • Couples who desire a very special connection

How we can work together

I like to do my coaching over the phone or through Zoom. Zoom is an easy platform that allows us to see each other (just like Skype). I prefer to record the sessions so that you can review the sessions and have them for future reference.

About the coach

I believe that every person deserves to live their life to the fullest and to share their dreams and ambitions with the love of their life. Kim and Bob are both avid sailors and have spent the majority of their life together living on a sailboat, for this is where they truly find their spiritual connection.

Although some of her programs are centered around couples who share their love of sailing, she works with all couples and especially those that desire a very special connection.

Although Kim has been successful in helping those in crisis, it breaks her heart that people wait until their relationships are failing to seek out a relationship coach. Therefore, Kim is currently working with a group of coaches that are involved in the Radical Marriage Movement started by their friends David and Darlene Steele that believes that your love and commitment to your partner should be your greatest adventure and that love goes beyond happily ever after.

Kim is currently one of the instructors for the Coaching Couples Certification program at Relationship Coach Institute and also one of their Mentor Coaches helping other new and aspiring coaches.

One of Kim’s favorite quotes from Napoleon Hill is “What you conceive and believe, you can achieve” Kim cherishes this and believes that all relationships, even good relationships, should be explored and challenged so that each relationship can find its highest potential physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

I’m is the President of the non profit organization, Sailing Happily Ever After. She is also a Gottman Trained Educator for the Seven Principles that Make Marriage Work programs.

Coaching With Me

Results and Goals

Experience, Certifications and Training

Certifications and Degrees

  • Master Relationship Coach – Relationship Coaching Institute
  • PCC

Training and Development Taken

  • Professional, Singles & Couples Certification from Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Gottman Trained Educator for Seven Principles Program

Professional and Life Experience

Kim’s Story

After my divorce, I found myself single for about 12 years. I was desperately looking that whole time for someone to share my life with. After about ten years I realized that there was more missing in my life than a significant other and I needed to do something different. I started working with a relationship coach and this is when my interest in relationship enrichment and coaching started. I was also suddenly drawn to sailing. I decided that I wanted to live on a boat. I joined a sailing club, learned to sail and then met Bob on an online dating site. After Bob and I married, I took my training to be a relationship coach. After living on a our boat for several years, we realized the bond that sailing brought to our relationship and found the same to be true for other sailors. We knew that bringing couples together on a sailboat whether they were sailors or not could only increase their bond too.


4 reviews for “Kim Morse | Master Couples Coach

  1. I found myself

    Life experiences left me covered in insecurity and fear. Kim helped me see that even though I can’t control others, I CAN control how I react. By changing my reaction, I can also change the relationship so that I can move forward in a healthy way. When I think about who I was when I started coaching a few months ago, I am amazed at how far I have come.

  2. Great Coach Truly Helpful

    Kim was a great personal coach to me. She always was able to answer my questions in a way that made me understand myself even better. She guided me to realize what needs I truly had. Helped me understand why I had some fears and helped me break those down in bite size pieces. So I was able to move forward. I refer to our session notes yet today often to refocus on what is most important to me.
    Loved her way of pulling it all together and letting me figure it out with her guidance. Very valuable coaching lessons.
    Dawn Renee

  3. Pleasantly surprised

    “My husband and I truly enjoyed our sessions with Kim. As a happily married couple of 22 years we really didn’t think there was much for us to learn. We were pleasantly surprised! Kim taught us things we would have never thought of on our own. She made every session fun and interesting. Our good marriage has now become GREAT! Thanks, Kim!!!“

  4. The real deal

    “When I first met Kim, three years ago, I thought that “coaching” was a crock of poo. However, through her patience, passion, and guidance I realized that how I looked at and resolved things were changing. I then realized that coaching is an amazing tool and Kim is fantastic at it! A truly passionate person who listens; does not tell you what to think or do, but guides and helps you see life from perspectives that you may never have thought of before. She has helped me conquer and utilize so many life tools that I feel stronger in my resolutions and goals. My marriage is stronger, my passion for life is bubbling and often fueled by the knowledge that three years ago I would have just shot myself in the foot and given up, but most importantly I laugh – I laugh at myself – I laugh at the little things that once were so insignificant that they did not exist: My life was too big for little things. I will always be thankful for the “Kim Voice” that has helped me learn to enjoy the little things in life again.“