Jaimee Anderson | Certified Singles Coach

Relationship Coach for Singles


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Singles Coaching Focus

Single young adults and young and divorced singles under 40

Under 40 and ready to be married? Or young and experienced divorce early?

How we can work together

I offer in person sessions or virtual video sessions that are 1 hour long, meeting weekly when going through Conscious Dating®️ or bi-monthly for maintenance sessions. Conscious Dating®️ will allow you to create your own road map to know what you want from a relationship and what you need to do to get it!

About the Coach

I am a newly married, 30-something mother of a teenage boy. I have known I wanted to be a relationship coach (not knowing what it was called at the time) since I was a young girl. Instead of being with the other kids at my dad’s company hangouts, I was sitting with the wives/women of the group just listening to their marriage/relationship stories. I grew up and graduated in Owasso, OK and have built my life in Broken Arrow. My husband and I both come from large families who, for the most part, live within a few miles of us.

I have had my share of styles and spectrums of relationships, all of which made me who I am today. I whole-heartedly believe this plays a huge role in me being able to provide a “judgement-free” environment that will allow you to be fully honest and transparent through our journey together.

I love Love in all forms. Seeing people who have found that person, that allows them to be 100% themselves, the confidence that exudes from them can’t be compared. What I offer to singles is the part I play in helping them find that for themself. Who doesn’t want that kind of love?

Certifications and Training

  • Singles Coach graduate from Relationship Coaching Institute

3 reviews for “Jaimee Anderson | Certified Singles Coach

  1. I'm so glad I worked with Jaimee!

    I did the singles coaching with Jaimee and while I was hesitant at first I am so glad that I did it. I learned so much about myself in the process and what I wanted out of a relationship as well as things I wanted to improve about myself. The work she gave me required me to do a lot of self reflection and helped me grow in confidence moving forward in the future with dating. I am excited to implement the things I learned as I continue on my newly single journey of life.

    ~ Amanda D.

  2. I recommend Jaimee whole heartedly!!

    Jaimee was very compassionate and knowledgeable in helping me acknowledge what I wanted and needed. She is flexible with scheduling and a great listener. I recommend her whole heartedly!!

    ~ Sarah C.

  3. Working with Jaimee drastically changed my life

    When Jaimee reached out to me about her Relationship coaching, I was hesitant at first, not sure if I wanted to “talk to someone ” about my personal life and relationships. But we did one “trial” exercise and it felt safe and leaving me want to know more. So against all my hesitation, I took her up on the opportunity to learn more about myself and what I need to do and be in order to start a health relationship again.

    We would meet weekly, talk about new issues or challenges, reflect on the previous week, and she would assign some take home material. The home work sometimes seemed long, but it’s worth it. You will get out of it what you put in it. She doesn’t “require” you to meet a standard, but works with what you do and how much you open up about yourself. So the pressure of opening up is gentle.

    I belive this opportunity was put in my life for a reason and drastically changed my life in the way I see others, future spouses, people I may want to date and mostly the way I see myself. Jaimee is an AMAZING coach and I couldn’t recommend her services enough.

    ~ Josh I.